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Testmetrix is the leading designer and manufacturer of mid-to-high volume production test equipment for PCMCIA (PC) Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Flash SIMM/DIMM Modules, Miniature Cards, Smart Media, Smart Cards, Rotating Media, Wireless LAN Cards, Fax/Modem Cards, and more. Testmetrix sells its products worldwide and has overseas distributors' offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Germany.

Based on Testmetrix's patented technologies, the Company's test products include the CardServer Series, VTE2000 Series, and the SiteServer2000 Series; platforms dedicated towards testing a wide range of devices used in leading applications. As semiconductor content, diversity, and complexity evolve in new types of products, Testmetrix is committed to delivering innovative test solutions to meet manufacturers' needs for high performance, throughput, and reliability.

Please follow the links on the left page, to view our large variety of test products that we offer. You can select our products by DUT (device under test), product name, or volume of production (low-mid-high).

Please contact our sales department if you have any further questions about Testmetrix products and services.



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