Update: 10/01/02  Special Discount Offer! :

Testmetrix is offering a 10% Discount on all CardServer and VTE2000 Production Testers ordered prior to October 31st, 2002. Further discounts available for multiple system orders. This offer is not applicable towards the purchase of Compliance Testers. Please contact sales@testmetrix.com for more details.”
Update: 09/01/02  VTE2000-RSX :

VTE-2300: Testmetrix debuts its brand new VTE-2300 Series of High Volume Manual Production Rack-Mounted Test Systems. The tester is capable of testing 40 to 160 Secure Digital Cards, MultiMediaCards, Memory Stick Modules, and USB Mass Storage Drives based on the configuration ordered. Contact our Sales Dept. at sales@testmetrix.com for more info regarding this new product, or check out the VTE-2300 section of our website's Products Section.
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