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Testmetrix Inc. designs and manufactures test equipment for the semiconductor industry. The primary market served is the Flash and DRAM Memory market. Testmetrix offers test equipment supporting virtually all memory modules and devices on the market, including: Compact Flash cards, MultiMediaCards, Secure Digital cards, Memory Stick cards, PCMCIA cards, Simm/DIMM Flash Modules, Flash Memory Devices, DIMM DDR/SDRAM modules and DDR/SDRAM memory devices. Testmetrix sells its products worldwide and has overseas distributor offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Germany.

The first products introduced on the market were Universal Semiconductor Device Programmers. Within a few years the product line was expanded to include Semiconductor Device Test Equipment. In 1990, Testmetrix announced its first PCMCIA Memory Card Tester/Programmer. Anticipating the future impact of the PCMCIA and Flash Memory technology, Testmetrix introduced in 1993 the CardServer™ family of testers/duplicators, considered today the workhorse of the industry.

As new and faster Flash and DRAM memory technologies emerged Testmetrix developed and introduced in 2000 a new line of high performance testers, the VTE2000™ family. Devices currently supported on the VTE2000 platform include MultiMediaCards, Secure Digital Cards, Memory Stick cards, Flash Memory components and DDR/SDRAM modules/devices.

In recognition of its technological capatilities and its commitment to the Flash module market, Testmetrix was awarded over the last 3 years contracts for the manufacture of compliance testers by the following trade associations:

Compact Flash Association (exclusive contract)

MultiMediaCard Association (exclusive contract)

SecureDitigal Association (non exclusive contract)

Testmetrix’ current products cover the memory and communication markets, and come in a variety of configurations ranging from single socket manual engineering systems to 160 socket automated production systems. Visit our website (http://www.testmetrix.com) for a complete presentation of all of our products.


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